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IDC have developed the electronics and software for Bonzi, a new and unique Bar Management System which monitors the dispensing of beverage using wireless. The Bonzi system makes sure all beer and liquor purchased is accounted by monitoring dispensed beverage and comparing with registered sales.

This is done seamlessly through the wireless network using purpose designed pourers, flow meters and optics.

Each device is fitted with a small battery, miniature electronics and microprocessor which monitors the duration of each pour in real time and sends a wireless message to a PC via a wireless Gateway.

The system can be extended to include additional facilities for temperature monitoring, asset tracking and energy management.

Beverage Management System


Key Features


How it works

  1. The wireless pourers, flow meters and optics measure the amount of liquid dispense and store it until they can send it to the Gateway
  2. The Gateway relays all of this information to a local PC.
  3. PC displays all of this information in an easy to read layout to the consumer.