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Energy Management is become increasingly important as energy prices continue to rise and companies become more aware of the environmental impact resulting from their operations.

IDC's Energy Management Systems help Facility Managers to save energy, improve the environment for its employees and enable management to continuously review and revise its carbon footprint targets.

Our intelligent wireless modules, with integrated control and smart metering, enable you to monitor, control and manage your energy consumption from the mains supply to services for air conditioning, heating and lighting, right down to each individual office user and appliance.  

Moreover IDC ‘s experience team of hardware and software engineers apply a systematic approach to implement each project. Monitor, Control, Report and Review is a simple and effective way to identify energy usage, set realistic targets and eliminate waste on a continuous basis.

Facilities & Energy Management



Using easy fit wireless modules the system can be quickly up and running, gathering data and controlling equipment at the touch of a button. Modules talk to each other to form a mesh network enabling the system to be extended or modified as desk equipment is added or repositioned within the building. Should a module become disconnected each module will find an alternative route to another neighbouring module to continue. The system is scalable from single building to multiple sites, to control and monitor general building services, office equipment and specialist production equipment.

An ZB104 Ethernet Gateway connects the wireless communication network to IDC’s web based Energy Data Centre which allows users, under security validation to view, control and schedule their energy usage.

The web browser enables you to visualise and quantify energy usage and thereby target areas of the business which can quickly benefit from energy reduction initiatives.

Historical comparisons, load profiling and exception reports highlight waste where consumption exceeds target, helping you monitor your usage immediately. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) allow you to benchmark performance using key metrics such as floor area or production figures and produce league tables of the best and worst performer.

A low cost, entry level starter pack is available to kick off your green energy initiative, enabling companies to start small and as costs savings are made reinvest in further initiatives to continuously drive down energy bills.


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