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Facilities & Energy Management

Energy Management - Footprint

IDC in partnership with CMD Ltd have created an energy management solution called Footprint which gives you complete control of energy usage in your business.

It works by using easy fit wireless power modules that can be quickly setup to monitor and control your electrical devices plugged into the Footprint modules.

All Footprint Modules communication wirelessly to an Ethernet Gateway. The modules don’t need to be in range of the gateway directly as they can form a network with other power modules to relay the signal onwards.

The modules can then be controlled either using our website service that can be access with an Internet connection or from a internal website that is only accessible  to those on an internal network.

The Power Module

This socket is always on and can be used to determine the auxiliary socket state

These three sockets can be set ON or OFF either by using a schedule or be set to automatically switch off when the master socket is drawing no power.

Master Socket

Auxiliary  Sockets

The central module houses a smart meter that records all of energy usage and also a wireless module to connect to the mesh network

Central Module

The Gateway

The Footprint Power Module can be configured in the following ways:

  1. Auxiliary Sockets switch off once master socket falls below a configurable threshold (e.g. 15W)
  2. Auxiliary  Sockets switch on and off depending on a customisable schedule (e.g. off at the weekends)
  3. Auxiliary  Sockets are forced ON/OFF using the Control Panel
  4. Power Module is used as a normal multi-way socket

In all of these scenarios energy usage is monitored and sent to the Internet Control Panel. If the block cannot connect to the network it will store these values so energy data is not lost.

A  gateway can transmit to any power module within 75m *


LED’s provide the user with a method of detecting if the gateway is connected to the Control Panel and if there is any wireless network traffic

Diagnostic LED’s

The gateway needs to be connected to the Internet or proxy server. Power can be provided via the Ethernet port or via the 5V  power input

Ethernet & Power Connectors

The gateway provides the link the dashboard and the power modules. It relays all messages reported back by the Power module network to a secure server. The dashboard website then displays all of this information.

The Dashboard

The dashboard allows users to monitor and control their power blocks. It can be accessed via our secure website at

Power modules can be named a categorised for large systems and various groups of modules can share the same setup, e.g. all switch auxiliaries sockets on at 15W.

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Functions available on the dashboard: