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Designed for OEM applications the ZB100 is a complete system on chip module compatible with the full range of ZB ZigBee products to provide a complete wireless network infrastructure.

The ZB100 features Texas Instruments’ CC2430/31complete System-on-Chip (SoC), comprising a high performance microprocessor, with digital, analogue and serial connectivity. The module accommodates a wide ranging supply voltage from 4 – 30VDC, is designed with an 18-pin header for plug-in interface/signal conditioning boards, and includes a unique 64-bit MAC address identifier.



The wireless network upon which the ZB100 operates is the 2.4GHz, licence-free IEEE 802.15.4 international standard; this provides secure, redundant two-way communications up to 100m between nodes, with network extension using routing over multiple nodes for longer distances. The product features the “ZigBee” stack which leverages the advantages of continued mainstream development and future compatibility with other manufactures’ equipment and products.

Typical applications include monitoring and control of mobile machinery, wireless control of fixed plant, remote control and tracking applications The ZB100 OEM Module is a central component in the IDC family of ZB modules which include Ethernet and serial gateways, routers, micro controller and handheld devices. All modules offer embedded intelligence, battery management and extremely low power consumption. The ZB100 also features an internal position calculation algorithm based on triangulation of received signal strength from fixed nodes. To support the development and integration of the product range, IDC has developed client–server applications, which include the ZBServer for web services integration, “over the air” programming, data logging, remote control and position tracking.

Typical applications include machine to machine wireless connectivity, remote communications to mobile equipment, remote diagnostics, wireless sensor networking.

ZB100 - OEM Module

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