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ZB122 - Push Button & IR Sensor

The ZB122 is an industrial push button with two low power infrared (IR) sensors and internal battery. The unit is designed for use with a separate IR transmitter

(typically fitted to moving machinery or vehicles) enabling it to detect exact location and direction of travel of objects passing close to it. The information can then be wirelessly transmitted to other devices such as warning beacons and alarms or for controlling other machinery.  


Applications include automatic control and dimming of High Bay lighting by Pallet Trucks when used with the ZB120 Lighting Controller. Each aisle is fitted with a ZB122 at the entry and exit point and a ZB120 to control the aisle lighting. All Pallet Trucks are fitted with an IR transmitter enabling them to be accurately detected as they enter and exit the aisles and switch or dim the lights automatically. The button acts as manual method of controlling the lights when individuals enter the area.

Other applications include truck alarm on blind corners, automatic operation of barriers and conveyor control.


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